Thai Massage

Visit Vip Lotus Spa for the best Thai massage in Dhaka. It will help you relax and feel better. People from all over the world come to Bangladesh’s busy capital city to get Thai massages. For those who want to escape the fast pace of city life, Thai massages are a peaceful escape. You can get a Thai massage whether you live there or are just passing through. It can heal you and teach you about society in a special way. Come with us on a tour of the center of Dhaka to learn about how healing Thai massage can be.

What is Thai Massage?

Thai massage, which is also called Thai yoga massage or assisted yoga, is different from regular massage in that it doesn’t use oils or kneading or pushing.

Your therapist instead helps you do yoga moves and passive stretches to improve your health by using their body to support and guide you. To help loosen up your muscles, your massage therapist may use their hands, elbows, wrists, and feet.

As part of a traditional Thai massage, which lasts about minimum 60-90 minutes, the therapist moves and stretches the body to clear the senses, which in this case means the body’s energy channels.

There are strong spiritual elements in Thai massage that come from Buddhism, says Hill. To be healthy, the goal is to move your inner energy through your organs and body systems.” Your therapist is also taught to send you metta, which means loving kindness.

A massage table is used for Swedish massage and other Western types of massage. Thai massage, on the other hand, starts with a mat or massage couch on the floor. You don’t have to take off most of your clothes for Thai massage, but you do for other types of massages. Clothing that doesn’t fit too tightly is best.

Thai massage is something that not all massage providers can do correctly, so make sure you find someone who is certified in Thai massage.

Benefits of Thai Massage

Thai massage has a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Improved circulation: Thai massage helps to improve blood flow throughout the body, which can help to reduce muscle tension, pain, and swelling.
  • Reduced muscle pain and tension: Thai massage can help to relax muscles and relieve pain and tension throughout the body. This can be especially beneficial for people with chronic pain conditions, such as back pain, fibromyalgia, and arthritis.
  • Increased flexibility and range of motion: Thai massage incorporates passive stretching and assisted yoga postures to help improve flexibility and range of motion. This can be beneficial for people of all ages and fitness levels.
  • Reduced stress and anxiety: Thai massage has been shown to be effective in reducing stress and anxiety. This is likely due to the combination of acupressure, stretching, and assisted yoga postures.
  • Improved sleep quality: Thai massage can help to improve sleep quality by reducing stress and anxiety, and by promoting relaxation.
  • Enhanced energy levels: Thai massage can help to improve energy levels by increasing blood flow and oxygen circulation.
  • Improved mood: Thai massage can help to improve mood by reducing stress and anxiety, and by promoting relaxation.

Why Choose VIP Lotus Spa for best Thai Massage Spa Service

If you want to have a good time at VIP Lotus Spa for a Thai massage or any other health service, here are some things to keep in mind:

Reputation: Browse spas that have good reviews and a good name in the neighborhood. You can read reviews online, ask friends or family for suggestions, or look at the spa’s website to see what other people have said.

Experience and Credentials: Make sure the spa hires licensed massage therapists with experience who are trained in Thai massage methods. You can ask the professionals about their training and experience.

Cleanliness and Hygiene: To get a sense of how clean and healthy the spa is, you can either go there in person or look at pictures of it on their website. A clean and well-kept spa is important for a safe and relaxing experience.

Services: Make sure the spa offers the type of Thai massage you want, like traditional Thai massage, Thai oil massage, Thai herbal pack massage, or something else.

Customization: At some spas, you can choose how intense the pressure is, which parts of the body are focused on, or whether you want extra treatments. Check to see if these are available at the spa.

Atmosphere: Think about the spa’s setting and atmosphere. Getting relaxed can be helped by being in a calm and peaceful place.

Price and deals: Look at what different spas charge and what deals they offer to make sure you’re getting the best deal. Watch out for prices that seem too low to be true; they could mean that the services aren’t as good.

Location and Accessibility: Pick a spa that is in an easy-to-reach place to avoid stressing out over transport.

COVID-19 Safety: To make sure you are safe during the pandemic, ask the spa about their COVID-19 safety measures and routines, such as mask requirements, cleaning procedures, and how to make an appointment.

Deals and discounts: Some spas may have sales, discounts, or loyalty programmes that can help you save money on your trips.

In the end, the best Thai massage spa service for you will rest on your own tastes, needs, and the things we’ve already talked about. But for these reasons, we believe that VIP Lotus Spa is the Best Spa in Dhaka, Bangladesh for best spa services of Thai massage in Dhaka.