The Definitive Guide to the Best 5 Body Massage Services Centers in Dhaka

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Looking around us nowadays, we will see how everyone spends each day in sick busyness. This preoccupation, however, takes place for progress in life, which in a real sense can be positive. But we forget to care for ourselves in the endless sea of busyness. Not eating properly, not sleeping, mental stress, work pressure, and tension all harm our body’s immune system. If I am not good myself, how can I do good work? Right? Therefore, keeping the body’s immune system strong has become very important. In this case, a healthy diet and regular exercise help boost the immune system. However, many other ways help boost immunity. One of the ways is body massage.

Today I will give details about the addresses and mobile numbers of top 5 body spa or body massage centers in Dhaka city through my post. Many people are looking for these centers for body spa or body massages. It is done by people, usually for the comfort of their bodies. Nowadays, body massages or body spas have become very popular. So, everyone is ready to spend whatever amount it takes for a body spa or body massage.


There are many body spammer body massages in which body massages cost a lot of money. So today, I will present the addresses and mobile numbers of some of the spa centers in Dhaka through my post. We hope those of you who want to get these body spa centers’ addresses and mobile numbers will get them through our post. So let’s know the address and mobile number of the body spa center in Dhaka.


  • 1. VIP Lotus Spa

    • Location: [House No: 30 , Road No: 130, Gulshan- 1, Dhaka]
    • Phone: 01607090720
    • Email:

2. Dhaka Spa Center

  1. G Spa Banani Luxury 
  • Location: Banani, Uttara, Nikunja, Motijheel, Sylhet, Rajshahi & Gulshan.
  • Phone: +8801880564474


4. Luxury love spa

  • Location: Awal Centre, 34 Kemal Ataturk Ave, Dhaka 1213
  • Phone:  +8801790569610
  • Email:

5. Gulshan Spa

  • Location: Gulshan 2 Road 45 house 33, Dhaka 1212
  • Phone: 8801735379901
  • Email:



I have given the list and mobile number of the spa or body massage center in Dhaka board through my post. We hope that those of you who want to get a list and mobile number of body spas or body message centers in Dhaka have benefited from this post. Stay tuned to our website for more such posts. Thank you all for visiting our website.

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